commercial photocopier rental

If you’re going to hire a printer, you may as well deal with one of the most reliable and established office printer rental companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We offer a wide variety of professional services, comprehensively covering your company’s printing and copying requirements.

Why would one opt for commercial printer hire over outright ownership, you ask? It’s simple. Hiring a printer will save you time and money, effectively transferring the risk and responsibility to a service provider and leaving you free to focus on your business.

We saw a need to provide clients with NO RISK hire options, we believe that our policy is still the most transparent and honest that you will find. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS or CATCHES!

Zanara Copiers offers equipment hire with no lock in period. Equipment hire packages are tailored to suit your individual project requirements, from day 1 through to project completion – we will have you covered!


Hiring a printer for your company means you don’t have to worry about time-consuming tasks like printer maintenance since all routine maintenance is covered under your rental agreement and included in the rental price. By having us take care of your repair, you will be up to date at all times without having to worry about when your business can resume printing operations.


Access to a professional printer technician can be hugely beneficial to your business. Fast and efficient service minimises disruptions when your printer requires repairs.


Buying a good quality printer can be expensive. By opting to hire rather than purchase, you can have a top-of-the-range Canon printer at a fraction of the cost–included routine maintenance will save you even more.

risk free rental options | fully maintained

Our rental agreements INCLUDE the provision of the equipment, toner, parts & service by a fully qualified technician.

Your quoted installation charge includes the delivery and the initial setup, installation of your equipment onto your network and a demonstration of the equipment.

Your monthly rental cost is actually the number of copies completed, at the relevant unit costs specified in your agreement, with a minimum monthly charge imposed. i.e. copies up to the minimum monthly spend are included.


example of hire

Hire of exanple machine is quoted at $100 per month. This means you are entitled to the value of $100 in copies, before any additional charges apply.

scenario one

  • You complete 500 colour prints @ a quoted cost of 8c / print = $45.00.
  • You complete 2000 black prints @ a quoted cost of 1.5c /print = $30.00.
  • Although you’ve only used $75 worth of prints, your invoice total for the month = $100 (min charge applied).

scenario two

  • You complete 800 colour prints @ a quoted cost of 8c / print = $72.00.
  • You complete 3000 black prints @ a quoted cost of 1.5c / print = $45.00.
  • Because you’ve exceeded the $100 minimum, your invoice total for the month = $117 (Total copy cost applied).