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Risk Free rental options for Business & the Construction industry



Years ago we saw a need to provide clients with no risk hire options. We have ensured that this concept has continued to evolve and we believe that our policy is still the most transparent and honest that you will find. There are NO hidden costs or catches.


We appreciate that the environment on construction sites can be less than ideal for office equipment. This is the very reason that we recommend RENTING over PURCHASING. Purchasing can be a costly exercise resulting in being left with worthless non-operating equipment at the completion of your project. Renting equipment for construction site use is the cost effective option. Maintenance and service of the equipment is included throughout the life of the project. Our policy is to fully refurbish the equipment prior to installation on-site. We do not simply re-locate from one site to the next which ensures machine reliability, resulting in less down time. When the project is completed, the equipment is picked up and is returned to our refurbishing workshop.We endeavour to provide a level of service which you will not find readily available anywhere else. We can provide fully networked systems to ensure effortless printing and scanning to multiple users.

Our rental agreements are based on a minimum monthly spend:

  • Your monthly rental cost is actually the number of copies completed, at the relevant unit costs specified in your agreement, with a minimum monthly charge imposed. i.e. copies up to the minimum monthly spend are included.
  • Our rental agreements INCLUDE the provision of the equipment, toner, parts and service by a fully qualified technician (during normal work hours).
  • Your quoted installation charge includes the delivery and the initial setup and installation of your equipment onto your network. Download link to pdf of the rental agreement.


Hire of example machine is quoted at $100 / mth. This means:
You are entitled copies to the value of $100 / mth, before any additional charges apply.


  • You complete 500 colour prints @ a quoted cost of 10c / print = $50.00.
  • You complete 2000 black prints @ a quoted cost of 2c /print = $40.00.
  • Your invoice total for the month = $100 (min charge applied).


  • You complete 800 colour prints @ a quoted cost of 10c / print = $80.00.
  • You complete 3000 black prints @ a quoted cost of 2c / print = $60.00.
  • Your invoice total for the month = $140 (Total copy cost applied).

*Prices quoted are for example purposes only.

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