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We understand that when appliances, such as your printers, start giving you trouble, it can implicate the performance of your staff and company. Instead of trying to use percussive maintenance to fix your photocopiers and printers, have us take a look and see to the repair wherever you are.

We fully understand the importance of your photocopier(s) to your business, which is why we only provide the highest level of service to maintain all machines in peak condition. Our business is based on over thirty years of experience doing photocopier servicing, where restoring quality and reproduction efficiency is always paramount. 

Zanara Copiers is the premier service provider for all commercial-grade Canon printers, copiers and MFDs, including the rental of refurbished units for a cost-effective and durable return on investment for any size business in SEQ or NNSW.

setting a standard

We provide cost-effective solutions based on new parts and a proven process of refurbishing used machines to optimal working condition.

All Canon photocopier repairs are done by qualified and experienced service staff who follow a holistic approach when servicing or repairing an MFD.

services include

We have been in the printer and copier maintenance and repair business for over thirty years. We have proven our high standard of workmanship to companies and enterprises in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our list of Canon printer repair services includes:

All commercial and industrial-grade printers, scanners and MFDs (Multi-Function Device), no matter the size.

  • Qualified and reliable technicians and service personnel only. We are a family business, so we take our reputation seriously and personally.
  • Full refurbishment of machines, which significantly improves the return on investment of your Canon printer or MFD.

We also provide rental contracts to all businesses, without any locking-in clauses – simply because we don’t need it, as our high service excellence is what maintains our client base over the years. So, if your Canon printer requires a little maintenance care, there’s nobody else in Brisbane who offers as much love as our technicians.

frequently asked questions

Why Canon Copiers?

Canon is one of the world’s largest and most trusted suppliers of office equipment with a comprehensive product range. They are world leaders in reliability and longevity of their products. Canon products useful life outlasts all of its competitors due to its extensive range of spare parts which ultimately leads to being able to provide a longer service life

Refurbished VS New Machine

Refurbished copiers on average, cost between 20% and 30% of their original purchase price. New copiers have a warranty period of 30 days compared to our refurbished copiers that we give warranties of up to 12 months. Just like cars not all models are as good as they could be. We only refurbish the best, tried and tested Canon models resulting in a super reliable cost effective equipment.

What does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished doesn’t simply mean that the equipment has been given a good service.  Machines are stripped back to their frame, cleaned and rebuilt back to their original condition, replacing  any required parts. All consumables ie: toner, drums, feed rollers and fixing units are replaced.

What if I Decide to Buy a Refurbished Unit?

We are a service based business so we service what we sell ourselves with our own qualified technicians. We deliver the equipment and set it up on your network, including the installation of printer drivers. All equipment comes with a 12 month or 50 000 copy warranty as standard. There is also a guarantee that we can maintain your equipment in good working order for a minimum of 5 years.

What are the Advantages of Renting?

There are many advantages to renting the equipment including

  • No initial outlay of funds
  • Includes any extras required such as Fax, Staple Finishers etc.
  • Ability to upsize or downsize at any time.
  • Costs fixed at time of commencement
  • No lock in contract. 30 days notice is all that’s required to hand the equipment back
  • Includes all service, parts and consumables.
Why Zanara Copiers?
  • All of our equipment is fully refurbished, both rentals and sales.
  • What we promise we deliver.
  • We service everything we sell.
  • Honest appraisals and advice.
  • Excellent value for money.
How Much Printing Do I Need to Do?

If you are currently spending more than $60 per month on consumables ie: Inks, toners and service on your current equipment we more than likely will be able to save you money.

If you complete the analysis questionnaire we will be able to give you an honest no obligation appraisal.

    Does Quality of Paper Matter?

    Yes it does. Poor quality cheap paper is  more prone to moisture.  Paper that has absorbed moisture will tend to curl as it moves through the machine which will cause jamming.  Cheap paper also creates significantly more paper dust throughout your machine, leading to lower print quality, all of which causes unnecessary frustration for you.

    Your better known brands are worth spending an extra dollar on. Paper is a natural product which has a preferred printing side. If you read the packaging, it will tell you to insert your paper into the machine either seam side up or down depending on the method of packaging for each particular brand.

      Can I Print From My Phone or Tablet?

      Yes. Canon has a print app that can be downloaded and set-up on your device.